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Hinet ADSL Internet Services is an Internet access service based on ADSL technology that offers businesses an always-on service, the smartest way to connect to the Internet. With Broadband, high speed Internet, you can enhance your business' efficiency and increase productivity twofold. This is achieved by accessing information a lot more quickly since Broadband can reach speeds more than 50 times faster than conventional dial-up. As a result of installing Broadband, many businesses have reported increased sales, greater cost savings, better productivity, improved employee satisfaction and a healthier bottom line overall.

Residential Features!

  • Fast access and download speeds up to 16Mb/s
  • Fast access and upload speeds up 2MB/s
  • Unlimited Usage with Batelco Fair Usage Policy
  • Efficient and stable connectivity for bandwidth intensive applications like video streaming and online gaming

Business Features!

  • Always on, always in touch: With broadband, you're always online, with virtually instant access to any information or service.
  • You can also make and receive voice calls when you are online.
  • High speed access: Starting from 256Kbps and up to 16 Mbps.
  • Highest upload speeds in the kingdom of up to 2Mbps.